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How to create your first event using a desktop

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First look at the Events Manager

Once you’ve purchased a subscription you will unlock the events managers where you’ll be able to create your first event and in no time you’ll be editing like a pro!

To Get started click on Event Manager then New Event.

New Event

You’re now on your way to creating your very first event. The event title and description is fundamentally the most important section as this is what the audience will be searching for in the search engine so its super important to include words that represent the event as closely as possible. For Example the town or city the event is as well as the dance styles that will be featuring.

Don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake as I will show you how to edit this later!

Event Time & Date

As well as setting the time and date or dates you can also set how frequent the event is. You can create one-off, daily, weekly, monthly events at a touch of a button.

After setting the date and time of your event you will have the option to schedule Multiple Events also known as Series.

A series is an excellent tool for teachers who are hosting daily or weekly classes. Once the series of events has been completed you may want to include some exceptions. If you’re going to be creating a series of events you may also want to include some Exceptions.

But what is an exception you ask? Exceptions is a simple and handy tool to exclude chosen dates from the calendar when classes are closed over a festive period. You can also create an exception to exclude weekends if you’re teaching Monday to Friday.