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Using our events organiser tool you can publish, edit and delete all of your own events with ease.

If your dance style isn’t already listed fear not. When you create your event you’ll have the option to add it later. If for some reason its still not showing in the appropriate category¬†

Series is a powerful tool to create multiple events at the push of a button. This is a fantastic tool with dance teachers in mind. For example if you have a regular class on a Thursday, Simply tick the series box and the class will appear on the events calendar every Thursday.

But the thing that makes it really special is the ability to add occasions. If you’re taking a break over the festive seasons you can add an acceptations to the series so the event will not appear on certain dates when classes are not scheduled.

Getting to class is easier than ever. Where2Dance is supported by Google Maps. Simply include the address on the event and Google Maps will do the rest. 

Exclusive advertising with where2dance affiliated Facebook pages and marketing campaigns.

Make your franchise stand out from the rest. Franchises can be found in the search engine including suggestions

We will include featured classes on our marketing campaign which will go our to the entire Where2Dance community.

Where2Dance has 24/7 technical support. Simply create a support ticket on our support page and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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